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Here are some images Larry and other photographers have made and would like to share with you and others.  Wander the site!  Look over our work!   We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoy creating them.


Stone's favorite photo quote, from Bill Jay ....

"Look, this is life. It is everywhere, and is here for the taking. I am alive and I know this, now, in a more profound way than when I am doing anything else. These sights are ephemeral, fleeting treasures that have been offered to me, and me alone. No other person in the history of the world, anywhere in all of time and space, has been granted this gift to be here in my place. And I am privileged, through the camera, to take this moment away with me. That is why I photograph." [Bill Jay]

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Many of our gallery pages contain photography related quotes we have picked up over the years from seminars, classes and reading ... for a great collection of photo quotes visit www.photoquotes.com.

Most of the photos on this site are available as digital downloads, click on the 'buy' button in a gallery if you wish to purchase an image.  Need an Iowa photographer?  We have photographers available for event, commercial and assignment photography in central Iowa.

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